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American Legacy #410 Natural Blue Flat Braided Stair Treads, chair pads & Baskets

american legacy

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AMERICAN LEGACY  #410 Natural Blue   Oval Stair treads, round Chair Pads and Baskets
Made in USA*.*Flat Braided & Reversible* Contents: 34% wool, 33% nylon, 33% polyester.
A three-ply braided rug from the 1800s provides this authentic country design. 

Samples ship immediately
** This is a multi-colored variegated rug. Colors fall differently each time. No two rugs or accessories will be exactly the same, ensuring a unique look each time **
Custom sizes available: call for info
Stair Treads are normally sold in sets of 13. If you need more or less please call.
*** STAIR TREAD INSTALLATION *** Safely installing stair treads requires both the use of rug padding and carpet tacks.  It is the combination of carpet tacks securely anchoring the tread to the stair and the rug padding stopping the tread from slipping and pulling against the carpet tacks that makes your stairs safe.  We do send along a diagram and detailed instruction sheet with your receipt to make installation simple.