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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My dining room table is about 4 feet wide by 7 feet long. How large a braided rug do I need?
A good rule of thumb is to allow 2 feet on each side of the table. This allows you to sit at the table with your chair completely on the rug. Therefore, 8'x11' braided rugs should work perfectly! 

Q: If I buy a latex backed hooked rug, do I still need rug padding?
Hooked rugs are latex backed for durability. Latex secures the wool and adds body to the hooked rug. This backing does not hold your area rug in place or keep it from sliding. Using padding protects your floor from the latex and will make your hand hooked rugs last much longer. 

Q: What type of area rugs work best in an entryway? I have 2 kids and a dog, so I need something durable that's easy to clean.
A:When you know that an area rug will take lots of abuse (snow, mud, etc.) try an easy to care for flat braided rug in polypropylene. Flat braided rugs are always durable, and the artificial fiber polypropylene is stain resistant. Available in classic colors, this braided rug would work anywhere. Because polypropylene is a smooth fiber, dirt sits on the surface until you can vacuum or rinse it away. No professional cleaning is necessary.   

Q:  We have a large room that serves as both the livingroom and diningroom, do I need to use the same area rug in both areas?
Certainly this is a matter of personal taste, but our customers have found that simpler rooms (solid fabrics, limited color pallette) look lovely with 2 different area rugs.  The trick is to choose either a similar style or to use 2 different styles with similar colors.  An Oriental style rug under the dining table would compliment a coordinating braided rug in the living area just beautifully.  If you already have several patterns in the furniture and drapes, using the same area rug in both areas will unify the room. 

Q: What 's the difference between  the tubular braids I see in department stores and the flat braids that Yankee Pride carries? 
Tubular braids are rugs made with a felt or synthetic core that is covered with yarn. In most cases these are not actually braided, but simply wound around the core. Flat braids are solid materials braided in the traditional style. This makes for a better looking and longer wearing rug. 

Q: I've just moved into a new home, should I wait until I've chosen the furniture to start shopping for my rug? 
A. Before you purchase your furniture is the perfect time to choose your new rug.  Starting from "the bottom up" is always the best way to go, as there are far more fabric, furniture and paint choices available than there are braided rugs, hooked rugs or other rug styles.


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