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Need Help with colors or any other questions? Feel free to call us 9-5 EST, one of our customer service representatives will gladly help you find just the right rug for you (800) 848-7610.
FREE RUG PAD  If you should find a lower price we will match it plus include a free pad- simply call 1.800.848.7610 and tell us where you saw it.
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Rug Padding

quality rug padding

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Rug padding is intended to hold your rugs securely in place. Each step you take shifts the rug back and forth slightly. Over time this can stress and break stitching, stretch rugs out of shape and cause excess wear. Having a pad under your rug actually increases the life of your rug! 

We send a padding brochure (that includes padding samples) along with every sample rug order so that you can see and feel the padding before making a decision.

***Please note-if only padding is purchased there is a $15.00 handling charge for pads 5'x8' or larger plus shipping, $7.50 for smaller pads plus shipping ***

 Additional sizes available.  Call if you don't see the size you need.
Premium Padding - 10 year guarantee  Guaranteed not to mark or discolor hardwood floors, holds rugs firmly to any floor, keeps them in place. Eliminates dangerous falls caused by slipping rugs. Absorbs impact of foot steps so rug will wear longer. Adds cushioning under foot without adding height to the rug. Airflow construction prevents mildew and makes vacuuming more efficient. Made in USA. 
**Quality Padding - 10 year guarantee 
Will not harm or stain your floor. Holds rugs firmly in place. Airflow construction prevents mildew and makes vacuuming more efficient. Made in USA. 
***Magic Stop - Non Slip Rug Underlay 
Made for use on carpeting, this padding helps to hold area rugs in place and prevent creeping. Magic Stop is thin so there will be no heel catching "shoulder" at the edge of your rug. Magic Stop also prevents any possible dye transfer from one rug to another. The special adhesive which impregnates Magic Stop is non transferable and safe to use with the most delicate rug or carpet.

NOTE: If you only padding is ordered, the shipping & handling charge will not appear in your total. This will be added when your order is processed in the office.  We suggest you order over the phone (M-F 9-5 EST) so customer service can determine the total of your order.  (800) 848-7610 **THERE IS NO SHIPPING CHARGE IF ORDERED WITH RUG **


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